1-What is cork?

It is a 100% natural material composed of dead cells that accumulate on the outer surface of the cork oak tree coming exclusively from Portugal. This process does not harm the tree, but is actually good for it. Stripping a cork oak of its bark every 9 years also improves its ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2).

2-Is it a fragile material?

Contrary to popular belief, cork is rot-proof, waterproof, untearable and a very resistant material comparable to leather. It patinates with time.

3-How to maintain the cork of Manori Colibri creations?

A damp cloth and soapy water are all you need to "clean" the cork. Never put it in the washing machine or put any other product than water and a little soap.

4-I would like a cork accessory that is not on the store, how can I do it?

The advantage with Manori Colibri is that the challenge makes her vibrate ✌︎. Do not hesitate to contact me via this form and I will try as much as possible to answer your request.

5-What are the delivery times?

I send the order two weeks maximum after its validation (the delay can be shorter). In case of a large quantity, the delay can be extended but I warn you when you place your order, so there are no bad surprises.

7-Why are there shipping costs ?

My vision of the craft is "the right price". That's why shipping costs (which have a real cost) are charged when you order. They include the packaging, the postage of the package and the time spent to drop it off at the post office.

8-I am a professional and I would like to place a personalized order: How do I do it? Is it possible to recover the VAT ?

For any personalized order, you just have to contact me via this form and we will elaborate together your project. The VAT is not applicable in view of the article 293-B of the Cgi.

9-I am a professional and I would like to propose your creations in my store: How to do?

Envy of a partnership, a collaboration or even a purchase "in bulk", it is possible. You just have to contact me via this form and explain me your project and I will answer you with pleasure.